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Hop On Board For Authentic Delicious Italian Pizza and Prosecco!

a person sitting at a table with a pizza in a kitchen

After two and a half successful years’ operating Afternoon Tea Tours, Gin Tours and seasonal Dinner tours, Red Bus Bistro have decided to launch more evening tours, so that people can enjoy our popular city tours in Edinburgh and Glasgow with a delicious dinner travelling around these two great cities. We will be offering cocktail tours with slider burgers and deli boards, and now also launching a Pizza and Prosecco tour on the 14th of June this year.

Initially at the planning stage of the Pizza and Prosecco tour, we had looked into finding an Italian restaurant to supply us with the pizza. That was until I attended Mama Isa’s Cookery School in Padova near Venice. This was not only a gastronomic masterclass, but one of the best food experiences I have had in my life. So I have now decided to use all of my tuition and passion for cooking from Mama Isa to recreate some of the amazing dishes she taught me how to cook for our Pizza and Prosecco tour, starting, of course, with pizza.

I can say with great honesty that I will make my own pizza from now on, not only for the bus tours but for my family. This woman’s food was just culinary genius, cooked with utter passion, complemented with the best ingredients from one of the best larders in Italy. I have every intention of making Mama Isa proud of what she taught me from the recipes passed down from generations of great cooks.

Like her, I will use the best ingredients I can, going as far as ordering the pizza and pasta flour from Italy to recreate the best pizza base and pasta dough possible. I will replicate to the letter the techniques she taught me, to create the lightest and most delicate pizza base I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. I can say with every confidence for the three days I was attending her cookery classes I was in Pizza and Pasta heaven!

I loved every single second I spent with this wonderful lady, who not only taught me some great techniques but wonderful recipes too. She gave me a whole farm to table experience like no other and she really made me understand just how important story telling is in food. How we need to shout about it, no matter what we are cooking or where.  I am so going to enjoy putting this into practice in Scotland with everything I cook for my customers, which will be cooked from the heart in every morsel I serve my valued customers.

Please come along and join us on one of our dinner tours, to get all of the information on times and days we operate please visit our website , please also watch all of our social media channels for information and any up and coming deals, for bigger groups please call us on 01355 229448, discount given depending on group numbers.