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Meet the Movers and Shakers behind the Red Bus Bistro

Our Team, Our Story

Hi, I’m Alison, an avid foodie who loves to travel. I was super fortunate to spend my early years flying with British Airways as part of the crew, and I got to see the world and sample sensational food in extraordinary restaurants. The good life! 

One of my favourite destinations was the Cayman Islands. A foodie’s heaven. Unbeknown to me then, Deckers Restaurant in the Cayman Islands would be my future inspiration for the Red Bus Bistro. A double decker bus with a built-in restaurant, Deckers offered sensational food and a one-of-a-kind experience. 

When my son came into the world I paused my flying career. Later, when he started high school I knew the time was right to fulfil my dream in the world of catering, as a restauranter. Just three weeks later my family and I were the proud owners of an iconic red Routemaster bus and we set to work installing a fully functioning kitchen onboard. 

Edinburgh was the first destination for the Red Bus Bistro. The concept came to life whilst sitting on a public bus eating lunch, quite literally.  A year later we expanded into Glasgow and the rest, as they say, is history. 

As the business has grown so has our team. We’re a family business, actually we rely on four families to run the business  and we’re a friendly and unflappable team. Each of us brings our own splash of personality and character, including our fabulously furry four legged office mascots, Maisie and Rory. 

The Simpsons

Alison, Stuart, Bradley, Janice, Maisie and Rory

Stuart is our Solution Hero, maintaining and repurposing the vehicles, supported by our much loved and irreplaceable mechanic Ian Walker.  Bradley started out as a member of the waiting team on the bus but became so tall he had to relocate to the office. He’s our digital guru and lovingly nicknamed the ‘giraffe’. Janice, also known as ‘Wee Nashers’ is our General Manager aka ‘She who must be obeyed’.  She’s pivotal in our success story. Her approach is firm, fair and fabulous.

The Neils 

Kenny and Ashley

Our system specialists, Kenny and Ashley manage the bookings system and admin procedures. It’s fair to say they never stop. Our resident office fur balls Maisie and Rory often check-in with them for some paw-sitively uplifting snuggles and walkies.  We couldn’t survive without them! 

The Adamsons 

The Golden Girls, Helen, George, Danielle, Darren, Brooke, Eilliece and Luke 

During the peak season there can be as many as ten of the Adamsons helping out in the business. The Adamson Seniors aka the Golden Girls are known as the fastest greatest sandwich makers in the West. Helen does an amazing job looking after our bus team, leading the way in customer service… and often leading us astray.  Chef George is the King of Calm and knows good food. When he’s not cooking up a storm he’s armed with a paintbrush lovingly restoring our Routemaster buses. Danielle, Darren, Brooke and Eilliece do an amazing job looking after our guests onboard.  Luke’s super power is creating digital content, needless to say his focus is on our social media. 

Special recognition to Rikki, our Manager and Driver

Rikki joined us six years ago initially as a temporary driver. He was so good we knew we couldn’t let him go. His role these days is integral in the management and operations. Always smiling, his dry sense of humour and calm nature are the ideal combo in our busy business.  A special shout-out also goes to Jim and Sarah, our valued bus drivers, they go above and beyond to welcome guests aboard. Thank you also to Nikki, Shez, Louis, Demi, Bella and Anya for being part of the valuable team at  the Red Bus Bistro.