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Climb On Your Broomstick (Or Our Bus) For a Truly Magical Tour

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We think there’s something truly magical about Edinburgh, not least because it was the city which inspired J.K. Rowling to write the Harry Potter series. It has a wonderful combination of old and new with plenty of surprises along the way. When we travel around the city we often feel as if there could be a group of wizards hanging out just around the next corner. The thing is, we know we’re not alone in that. We’ve discovered lots of families just like yours searching for wizards so we decided to help. If you’re hunting for wizards in Edinburgh then we’ve got a magical Harry Potter Themed Tour which takes in lots of ideas for places to look.

What’s more, if you’re looking for a birthday treat we can help you to make it extra special.

See the sights which inspired JK Rowling

There are some Edinburgh landmarks that we think you should visit whether you’re looking for Dumbledore or not. Edinburgh Castle is one of those places. When we host one of our wonderful Harry Potter Themed bus tours we meet our guests on Waterloo Place then travel up through the oldest part of Edinburgh, past Waverley Station and up to the castle. It’s definitely worth keeping your eyes peeled in case some magical people are hiding in any nooks and crannies.

The castle itself is truly spellbinding and lets you discover the history of the city. We heard that there was an invasion of young wizards a few years ago and we suspect some of them might still be there. Of course, if they’re feeling studious you might find them at the Central Library which is an excellent place for research. We also visit George Heriot’s school which looks exactly like the kind of place Hermione Grainger would seek out her magical education. What’s more it is believed to have inspired Hogwarts and it’s definitely a place to check out.

Inspiring boy wizards

Wizards and witches can be a bit shy and tend to hide themselves away from ordinary people. That’s not to say that they don’t get out and enjoy the city. They just tend to stick to their favourite haunts. There are a couple of places on our tour where JK Rowling spent a lot of time. She began writing the Harry Potter books whilst keeping warm in the Spoon Café and the Elephant House Café. Later on, when her fortunes had improved, she completed the final book, ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ at the luxurious Balmoral Hotel. It makes us wonder whether she might have spotted some friendly wizards on her travels.

Greyfriar’s Cemetery may seem like an odd place to go, but it’s worth it. Could you spot some of the names that inspired JK Rowling’s creations?

Magical treats

Now, we’ll be honest. Walking around all of these places could be a bit tough on your feet. Plus those shy wizards usually disappear if they hear our footsteps heading their way. If you’d rather travel in style and have a bit of a treat, why don’t you come and travel with us? We have a lovely red bus where you’ll be sorted to the right table and treated to a delicious afternoon tea. There are even a few magical touches, like delicious I-Can’t-Believe-It’s-Not-Butter-Beer, along with chocolate frogs and jelly beans.

The grown-ups can relax with a glass of wine or beer and let us do the driving while you concentrate on keeping your eyes peeled for those elusive witches and wizards!

Let us make your birthday or day out extra magical. Or, if this sounds like the perfect gift for the budding witches and wizards in your life, get in touch to book your tickets or buy one of our gift vouchers.